Welcome to the SSELab

The SSELab is an extensible platform for the development and application of software engineering techniques and concepts.

The SSELab provides basic project hosting services such as a version control system and a project management and bug-tracking tool as well as advanced software engineering services such as code generators for model-based software engineering. New services are integrated on a regular basis. Take a look at the list of the currently available services.

To find out more about the SSELab, take look at the features and the getting started documentation.

Customer Feedback

You want a simple and flexible solution to allow your customers to provide feedback from inside your product?

Take a look at the integrated Feedback Service of the SSELab.

Development Team Support

You are a software developer in a team looking for an infrastructure to manage your development artifacts and documents?

The services of the SSELab can help you with this.

Product Lifecycle

You need an integrated solution for your customer communication, requirements management and bug tracking?

Start a new project in the SSELab today.