System Requirements

In order to work, the feedback JavaScript client has to be used with one of the following browsers

  1. Firefox 3.6.23+
  2. Opera 5.0.5+
  3. Internet Explorer ??
  4. Chrome ??


  1. Copy and paste the two JavaScript configuration files (fbs_conf.js, fbs_load.js) into the location of your www directory (html index file) or deeper.
  2. Include the JavaScript files added in previous step in your index file by adding following tags to the head tag
        <script type="text/javascript" src="{DIR}/fbs-conf.js"></script>
        <script type="text/javascript" src="{DIR}/fbs-load.js"></script>


Complete feedback plug-in configuration resides in fbs_conf.js file.

It contains both design and server settings. However, while the design setting can be modified to the needs and looks of the website, the server settings are automatically generated for each project individually and are therefore fixed.

Overall, you can find 6 configuration parameters in the file. The first three allow you to modify the theme, layout and position of the desired plug-in on the website:



Allows to define the theme to match your website design. Choices: thm-darkness, thm-smoothness, thm-sunny, thm-lefrog, thm-mintchoc, thm-redmond and thm-trontastic




Positions the main feedback panel in the browser. Choices: top, left, right and bottom



Setup the main feedback panel by choosing one of the predefined set of button layouts. Choices: yes-more-no



Following three parameters are project specific and are generated specifically for your website and hence, once configured should not be changed:



With the help of our system user can express his/her opinion about the website. Our feedback system is easy to use. In the default layout settings (yes-more-no), you can find three buttons available:

Like it button
User simply clicks when he/she likes the website. No further options available.
Dislike it
User clicks when he/she doesn't like the website. No further options available.
Extended feedback button
Allows any user to give more sophisticated form of feedback with the use of comment, screen drawing tools and screenshot possibility.

Like/dislike buttons

The instant like/dislike buttons workflow is very straight forward. Clicking on one of the desired buttons triggers a short loader animation signaling browser to server interaction and later replaced by a confirmation message.

Phase 1: Loader animation
Phase 2: Confirmation message

Extended feedback button

Extended feedback button opens the following dialog window with further feedback options.

Like/dislike switch buttons

Feedback comment area

Draw and screenshot buttons

Draw palette

Free tool
Line tool
Rectangle tool
Erase all
Stop drawing


Our feedback plug-in includes a unique possibility to take a screenshot of your current browser screen (including drawings described in previous chapter) and by one click send it to the feedback system. No manual screenshot taking or image uploading. Our plug-in does everything for you.

Send feedback

When you feel you have formed your feedback as you desired, just simply click the send button to advance the feedback to the feedback system.