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Android Client for the Feedback-System

Feedback dashboard screenshot

Feedback for Android helps app developers gather end user opinion in a simple and straightforward manner. Providing your users with a very easy way to communicate their ideas, comment on a feature or report bugs. With project management system such as Trac let you trace user feedbacks through your development process.


  • Simple positive or negative feedback
  • Extended feedback allows screenshots, photos or any images
  • Stand-Alone and Integrated mode using Intent
  • Integrated into your software development environment

Usage scenarios

  • Integrated. Call Feedback from anywhere in your app whether from menus, actions or buttons is as simple as one line of code with Android Intent framework.

  • Stand-Alone. Create various Feedback the way your user want using camera, select an image from the phone or just a comment.


  • Android 1.6 or later

App Screenshots

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