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Version Control (Subversion)

Subversion is a relatively mighty and therefore also complex technique to concurrently work on files. When people really work on shared files concurrently, it's important to have versioning available: subversion does this! And to manage conflicts in concurrent changes: subversion does this too! (When a conflict arises or you want an older version you need a deeper understanding or have to ask. E..g. have a look here. For simple cases:

  1. You need to install a local subversion client. You may choose. Tortoise quite good, but Eclipse plugin also helps.
  2. Please install your svn-client
  3. Checkout the files using the name and password of your sselab-account.
  4. Then you are ready to operate.

As an alternative for read only access:

  1. browse the project,
  2. click on "Subversion"
  3. and you have webaccess to the current(!) revision (!no changes!).

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