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Mailing list for the participants of a project. All managers and members are automatically subscribed with their e-mail address. If a mail is sent to the mailing list from an address that is not subscribed it will be silently ignored.


Via Mailing list you are able to reach all managers and members of a project fast and easy.



First Steps

There are no further Links because of the simpleness of this service. After adding the service to your project (done by an administrator of a project) you get to know the mailing-adress both via e-Mail and via the services-list of your project.

The e-Mail-address is something very much like [project-name] Since then you (and all participants of your project) will be able to send E-Mails to all participants (and administrators) of a project via standard E-Mail-Programms (e.g. google-Mail, MS outlook etc)

Send feedback to extend this description

Please contact us if you have question concerning the usage of the service. We are also curious about new ideas for additional services and new usage scenarios. Send us a message over the contact form or write us an email

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