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Allows the download and upload of wiki articles from SSELab MediaWikis.




This provides an easy and fast way to bring Wiki pages within your project in line with external ones.


You can download the OSTP client here.

The ostp-client-wikibot requires that a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) be installed on your machine to run. Java SE 5 or greater is recommended.

First Steps

To exectute the client type the following command in your command line:

$> java -jar ostp-client-wikibot-0.9.1.jar -help


usage: java -jar ostp-client-wikibot-0.9.1.jar [OPTION]...
 -extract             extract an article from a SSELab MediaWiki
 -help                print this message
 -o <output folder>   the folder where the output files should be stored
 -p <password>        the password for the SSELab account
 -publish             publish the content of txt files to a SSELab
 -u <user name>       the SSELab account user name to use
 -w <wiki url>        the url to the SSELab MediaWiki


Send feedback to extend this description

Please contact us if you have question concerning the usage of the service. We are also curious about new ideas for additional services and new usage scenarios. Send us a message over the contact form or write us an email

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