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You want to organise a workshop? Organizing a workshop like in Dagstuhl, that means:

  • documents are exchanged
  • protocols written
  • finally a seminar report and other documents produced.

Services involved

  1. Start an appropriate project.
  2. We suggest you use:
    • MediaWiki (internal) -- for collecting knowledge of any kind
    • MediaWiki (external) -- for sharing public information during the preparation of the workshop or presenting the outcome of the workshop
    • Mailing-list -- for easy communication between all participants, no one is forgotten as recipient, additional archive for all group conversations
    • Storage -- share files between each other, e.g. literature, photos, videos, etc.
    • Subversion -- essential to prevent data loss, may be working with others

Initial setup

Send us feedback to improve/extend this scenario

Please contact us if you have question concerning the usage of the services. We are also curious about new ideas for additional services and new usage scenarios. Send us a message over the contact form or write us an email

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